April in Isolation Campaign

On the 20th of March 2020, young people’s lives came to an immediate halt as a result of this unprecedented situation; we were being given complicated information in such an uncertain time and we weren’t sure who to believe or who to listen to.  


At Newport Youth Council, we decided to start a campaign on social media, April In Isolation. This campaign aimed to engage young people from across the city in the work we do as a Youth Council through assigning daily challenges/tasks.

We decided to run our campaign to keep ourselves and other young people occupied during this difficult time. We can sympathise with other young people who are going through an extremely tough time - it’s as if our lives came to a halt one Wednesday evening; some of us went from revising full-pelt to feeling we had no academic purpose... It wasn’t easy.

It’s of paramount importance that we, as young people, maintain good mental health during this period. We truly hope that our campaign lifted the spirits of many young people in the city. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing such a great response from people on Twitter and on Instagram!

Please remember that you are loved by many, even if you may not know, and that you are valued as a person. COVID-19 continues to present new challenges for us all. We hope that you are staying safe and well and that you are happy!

Last updated: November 2020

Author: Communications Team