Appreciating Black History

October 2020

Our beautiful city is known for its diverse groups of people. The people living and working in Newport are at the heart of the city, providing an important mix of culture and experiences!


Black History Month, celebrated by the UK in October, always provides a fantastic opportunity for us to recognise the outstanding contributions people of African and Caribbean descent have made to our global community over many generations. From business, law and education to technology, sports and the creative arts, we celebrate the black community’s invaluable contributions to the world.


One of the many reasons we celebrate Black History Month is to honour the legacy that African Americans left behind and to integrate the nation’s moral obligations and change societal norms. This month celebrates the many accomplishments and struggles African Americans went through to be liberated from the inequality they faced due to their race.

As Equality & Diversity Officer, I pledge to support those ethnic minority groups.


The Youth Council’s Diversity & Inclusion Vision for 2021:

  1. Attract and recruit from a large and diverse pool of talent

  2. Secure an inclusive workplace culture

We want to –

  • Build relationships with an increasingly diverse community

  • Attract, recruit and retain talent from a larger talent pool

  • Listen to and understand the unique perspectives and experiences from all members.


As a Youth Council, we are proud to stand in solidarity with the black community. Somebody once asked me why I thought it was important to listen to the voices of minority ethnic groups and my answer was simple – decisions made at a local, national and international level have an equal, if not greater, effect on those considered a minority. For this reason, it is vital that we, as a community and as a Youth Council, strive to include young people from all backgrounds in our work because our organisation must represent our diverse city.


During this month of October, join us in celebrating the history of the BAME community as we aim to educate and inform you on some incredible moments. We’ll also be hearing from some local heroes, as well as Gwent’s Police & Crime Commissioner so keep your eyes peeled!