Meet Maham 

Seretary, Leadership Team

Maham 02.JPG

Bringing experiences from different roles and personal backgrounds. In this weekly story series, we’re asking our senior leaders to take five minutes away out of their day to tell us about their experience, what drives them and who they are outside of the Youth Council. 

Maham, how would you describe your role in the organisation?

My role as the secretary, I believe is to support the Chair and Vice Chair. Along with that is to engage with the members around and make them feel comfortable as well as to share new and useful information with the group that would be beneficial for NYC and its projects.

What are your priorities inside the Youth Council right now?

The priorities of NYC are Sexual health and Wellbeing, Life skills in Education and Plastic Waste and Littering. My priorities inside the Newport Youth Council are to keep engaging with the members  and to work towards the goal we as a group have set. Along with welcoming new members and encouraging the youth of Newport to join us on this quest to make Newport a better place for all.

What are your career aspirations? Did you think you'd ever become Secretary?

I have a keen interest in healthcare science and going into research behind medicine and genetics. To be honest I never thought I would become the Secretary and I feel it’s an amazing learning opportunity for me.

Which five celebrities, living or dead, would you like to have over for dinner?

Emma Watson, Imran Khan, Michelle Obama, Mahira Khan and Patras Bukhari.

What’s the best or worst thing that has happened to you during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Looking at the bright side first there are many good things that happened but the best ones would be the abundant family time I got, where I learnt more about my sisters and they learnt ,more about  me. As a practicing Muslim I got time to devote to my religion allowing me to listen to the Quran with translation to understand what it means, offering prayer and fasting. As per the worst, I feel I don't have any, there were many challenges but nothing to be considered the worst  thing. A challenge for me perhaps was the sudden end of school and as a Year 11 not having the leavers assembly or a proper goodbye.