Jayne Bryant - L.jpg

Hello, I'm Jayne!

Welsh Labour Candidate for Newport West

My Statement 

Born and brought up in Newport, now living in the Gaer, I’ve been passionate about politics since school.

I was driven by environmental concerns - pollution, climate change and animal welfare and still am. Climate change is the biggest threat we face.

Fighting against the inequalities and injustices that exist in society is a priority. The pandemic has proven that. Fairness and equality are essential to our recovery. We must leave no one behind.

Young people have been hit hard by the pandemic and ensuring all young people under 25 have the opportunity for a job, education or training is so important.

I love reading and listening to live music. Newport has always had a vibrant music and arts scene and I want to see this continue and thrive. I’m passionate about encouraging more young people to get involved in politics. Politics matters and people are the heart of it.

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