Hello, I'm John!

Welsh Labour Candidate for Newport East

My Statement 

The priorities of Newport’s young people have been a key focus of my campaigning. That’s because I believe our young people are not just our present, but also our future.


I want to give them a voice in shaping the issues we are debating in the Senedd. It’s why I support Votes at 16 because the 16- and 17-year-olds I’ve met in our city have always been politically engaged and passionate about not just creating a better Newport and Wales, but also a better world for future generations to grow up in.


If re-elected, I will continue to campaign on the issues I know our young people care about – whether it’s on more investment in education, calling for better and integrated mental health services or not shying away from the challenges of the Climate Emergency, I will continue to be your strong experienced voice in Newport East.

Produced by Newport Youth Council's Communications Team