LGBT+ Support Project

In the 2019-20 term, Newport Youth Council members decided that the LGBTQ+ voice needed more amplification in Newport and beyond.


Members felt passionately that there is still an array of improvements that, as a city and a community, we need to make in order to help the LGBTQ+ community to flourish within our city. Thefore, members elected ‘LGBTQ+ Provision’ to be one of our three priorities alongside ‘Education’ and ‘Plastic, Waste & Littering.’

After hosting a survey on Newport buses to identify how Newport Youth Council should execute this priority, it became evident that young people in Newport felt as though the LGBTQ+ experience wasn’t represented correctly – or to the level it should be – in schools which has led to LGBTQ+ pupils feeling isolated. Collectively, members of the Youth Council agreed with this conclusion, with several members having felt the impact of this lack of inclusivity themselves.

We understand that change takes time. Schools may recognise the needs for change, but may not know how to achieve this, or perhaps aren’t aware of what young people would like to see. Therefore, as a group, with support from Newport City Council, Newport Youth Council have composed a simple document: ‘LGBTQ+ Guidance for Schools’.

This document contains incredibly effective ideas that schools can accessibly integrate into everyday school life. It provides recommendations on how to do this, and the benefits of each of the 12 recommendations. By taking small actions as a school, it could revolutionise a pupil's educational experience and truly make them feel heard.


It may be hard to implement all our recommendations and guidance. However, every action will help create the inclusive, tolerant and welcoming atmosphere that every young person deserves.


The aim of this guidance is to provide Newport schools with realistic and achievable suggestions on the ways in which they may be able to support the LGBTQ+ community within the school. If you’d like a copy of these recommendations, please get in touch with us. 

Last updated: November 2020

Author: Communications Team