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Newport: Somewhere to Live, Work and Play

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

What comes to mind when you think of Newport? How about a university town with a multicultural vibe, steeped in history - it’s where Chartists fought for democracy - complete with artisan breweries, rich musical heritage and a swanky shopping centre? 

Newport is a city on the River Usk, close to the Severn Estuary, 12 miles northeast of Cardiff. With a population of 145,700 according to the 2011 census, Newport is the third largest city in Wales.

A city definitely on the rise, Newport has many areas to enjoy including woodlands, wetlands and a dining and shopping complex.

Our beautiful city is known for its diverse groups of people. The people living and working in Newport are at the heart of the city, bringing splashes of colour in and around the centre.

At Newport Youth Council, we're extremely proud of our city and here are some of our favourite places to visit!

Newport's Transporter Bridge

A transporter bridge is a suspended ferry. A gondola or platform is suspended from the bridge and can be pulled from one side of the river to the other by the means of hauling a cable.

In 1900 Newport was a very busy port, much of it centred up river from where the Transporter Bridge now stands. Industry was expanding on the east side of the river which, for the population largely based on the west side, meant a 4 mile walk to cross the river by the town bridge to get to work.  The bridge was built after The Borough Engineer, Robert Haynes, encouraged the council to visit a newly built transporter bridge in France

A transporter bridge in Newport offered an economical solution as tunnelling was technically difficult and expensive as well as an innovative bridge with enough height to maintain a waterway for the tall ships of the day.

"The Transporter Bridge played an enormous part in shaping the city of Newport and we should all appreciate its value, as well as its beauty. You can also walk over the top of the Transporter Bridge which is an awesome activity if you're able to stomach the height!" - Maisy

Newport Wetlands Reserve

Newport Wetlands is a National Nature Reserve with many acres of reed beds and wetlands crossed by easy-to-navigate paths.

A wide range of bird species use the reed beds and mudflats to shelter, nest and find food, including bearded tits and oyster-catchers. You can also see dragonflies and the rare shrill carder bee, mammals, snakes and orchids.

The visitor centre has toilets, a cafe and a shop.

"The one thing I love about Newport is how easy it is to disconnect from the busy city." - Mitchell

Have you got a favourite spot to visit in and around Newport? It could be for its natural beauty, its history or its multicultural atmosphere - get in touch to let us know!

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