Our Priorities 2020-2021

Every year, Newport Youth Council members discuss and vote upon three priority areas. Driven by young people, we aim for these priorities to be based around the change we want to see in our city and the change we believe is needed to make Newport a better place for young people. Our Youth Council will then spend the following year working on the elected priorities, aiming to have as big of an impact as possible.

Despite the unpredictable nature of the world we are currently living in, our members are ardent that this year will be no exception to fulfilling exceptional work. In August 2020, members voted on their three priorities: Plastic Waste and Littering, Life Skills in Education, and Sexual Health & Wellbeing. 





Sexual Health & Wellbeing

Granted, there is still stigma surrounding discussions around sexual health and wellbeing. Nevertheless, Newport Youth Council members believe that it is an incredibly important topic that needs to be discussed more. We must begin to speak openly about this within schools and the wider community. This issue encompasses many topics and provides the opportunity for discussions around a range of things including – but not limited to – consent, healthy relationships, LGBTQ+ issues and contraception. By working on this priority, Newport Youth Council hopes to produce educational resources for schools across Newport. Members also aim to get in touch with schools and their pupils to understand the limitations of teaching about sexual and relationships. It seems that not enough is being taught in lessons and we aim to delve deeper into the reasons why. A key part of our work on this priority will creating an open-minded environment in Newport where this issue can be discussed, for the benefit of young people across the city.

Life Skills in Education 

As young people aged 11-25, our members share diverse school experiences, particularly regarding the life skills they have learnt. Members believe that, unfortunately, pupils lack education in life skills despite the increasing demand for such education and the importance of it being obvious to us. Education of this kind is key in helping pupils to flourish and reach their potential when they leave school. Therefore, this year, Newport Youth Council hopes to raise awareness of the need for more consistent education on life skills in all schools across Newport; we hope to spark a conversation. Through research, members also hope to produce a report of findings to the local authority and Welsh Government. This will be done to provide a true youth perspective to those who can take action.

Plastic Waste & Littering

In 2019, Wales announced a climate emergency and you could argue that young people are more passionate than ever before about climate action because – ultimately – it could have a massive impact on our lives and future generations. For this reason, our members wanted to take action against climate injustice, selecting Plastic Waste & Littering as a priority. Not only will this be of benefit to our planet, but it will also benefit our own futures and help the wider community. During the coming year, we hope to raise awareness of the issue of littering and the use of single-use plastics and hope to work with Newport City Council to sponsor a bin and promote a scheme where this process of commissioning a bin is widely accessible. By increasing the number of bins, we hope to decrease the amount of litter here in our city. Members also aim to work with schools and other young people to raise awareness and help support the fight for climate justice.



Maisy Evans 


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